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When a retailer moves to a new location, they generally do it with the intention of attracting new customers and growing sales. That was certainly the plan for the Eads family, which moved Eads Hardware…

- Reaching New Heights

House-Hasson Dealer Markets

House-Hasson holds three regional markets annually:

  • January 16-18th, 2014 - Opryland Resort, Nashville, TN
  • June 19-21st, 2014 - Sevierville Events Center, Sevierville, TN
  • October 9-11th, 2014 - Sevierville Events Center, Sevierville, TN

Market Invitation
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Mountain Harvest Dealer Market, Sevierville, TN, October 9-11, 2014

House-Hasson is America’s largest independent regional hardware distributor. We invite you to join us for the hardware industry’s premier buying event. This market is one of three markets House-Hasson holds annually. Not just another buying show, this event can help ensure your store’s standing as a premier retailer:

Use this event to buy it right, through:

  • Bonus Buy Specials on commodity items
  • Bonus Buy Specials on great assortments
  • Pallet buys on Items Seasonal
  • Booth specials from every Exhibitor
  • Drop-ship specials
  • Coupon Specials on key items
  • LBM Specials
  • Be known as your area’s industry leader!

Network with manufacturers and get early, direct information about new products; trends in their product; new codes and regulations on products you carry; tax credit opportunities; and other ways you can let consumers know you are the expert in what’s happening in the hardware and home improvement arenas.  Carry the product mix needed for your region.

The market will introduce scores of new manufacturers and products.  It’s the perfect opportunity to analyze your current product mix and consider new additions. This can help you attract new customers, increase your ticket size with existing customers and let shoppers know they can one stop shop at your store. 

Put technology tools to work for your business.  Free assistance and Electronic toolbox demonstrations is available from our technology support staff in the Electronic Services booth or from the various point of sale vendors. You’ll return to your store with the technology tools to transact business with House-Hasson and communicate your store’s message to your marketplace in ways that will attract all generations of shoppers.  When you attend a House-Hasson market you’ll be treated like a premier dealer. Our staff is focused on providing you with hospitality and helping you succeed now and in the future. For more information, please contact Mike Woolf at mwoolf@househasson.com or call 800-333-0520, ext. 212

Click Here to download the market Invitation.
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