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A Helping Hand from House-Hasson

Paul Salley knows exactly why he decided to buy a hardware store. “I guess I temporarily lost my mind,” he says with a chuckle.In February 2017, Salley and his wife Tina purchased Busbee’s Hardware in

Powering Up Sales with New Supplier

South Boston Hardware & Power Equipment in South Boston, Va., has gone through many evolutions as a retail business since its early days. Current owner George Hayes’ in-laws the Halls bought a Western Auto

Store Layout & Design

Interior with endcapsHow to Remain Competitive

Experience shows that to increase profitability and be competitive stores should remodel or reset every five – seven years.

House-Hasson will make your store look terrific while working with you to improve its look and feel.

After visiting your store our  team will  complete a detailed evaluation – including a  plan to help improve sales and manage and grow profit margins. Profitability and competitive advantage for your store is our priority

•  We will measure your store and lay it out on a CAD drawing.
•  Fixture layout recommendations  maximize your store’s square footage and improves traffic flow.
NeilCo 11 • We work with you on a store-wide merchandising plan, analyzing space committed to each department, and develop  product and assortment planning for each store section. We have over 1,200 customizable assortments from which you can choose.  The right assortments and product placement makes the store easier to shop. We also assist on any drop-ship vendor needs or equipment you may need, such as vendor conversion or refresh assortments.
• Our demographic report, combined with your experience and knowledge of your area, along with our history of success improving store profitability, will achieve the right product mix.
• We can also do a 5-year business plan (Pro Forma) to give you a projected model detailing operating expenses, cash flows, and revenue.
• General recommendations will also be made for you such as an advertising plan, end cap suggestions, an exterior and/or interior signage plan, niche marketing opportunities, employee training help and ideas, lighting, store access, hours of operation, retail pricing and more.

Make My Store Look Amazing