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Powering Up Sales with New Supplier

South Boston Hardware & Power Equipment in South Boston, Va., has gone through many evolutions as a retail business since its early days. Current owner George Hayes’ in-laws the Halls bought a Western Auto

Diversification is Key to Success

Byrnside Hardware Operates Three Businesses that Complement Each Other Fred Byrnside, who owns Byrnside Hardware in Danville, W. Va., has worked with a bunch of different wholesalers in his three decades of being a retailer,

Converting to House Hasson-Hardware

Welcome to House Hasson Hardware

Thank You for choosing us as your hardware supplier!

Change can be difficult, but when the chance means doing what’s necessary to make your business more successful and profitable, change is good.

Moving forward with House-Hasson you can expect:

  • To see how excited we are to have you as a new customer.
  • Training and programs to provide you with a fresh perspective.
  • A true partnership with a company that cares about you.
  • Your input to matter. You are why we are in this business.

House-Hasson has very lucrative programs to get you up and running with us.

Vendor Buy Backs- This enables you to replace private label or old merchandise for new merchandise across many departments. Many merchandise lines can be redone with little or no cost to you.

Streamlined Ordering- Our etoolbox website will give you a quick and easy way to assemble your orders with us. Combine your etoolbox login with a CipherLab scanner and you can easily do your order within a fraction of the time it would take to walk your aisles with a pad and pen.

Order Check-in– Our order check-in system combines color coding and box labeling to enable you to count and sort your orders quickly and efficiently.

Point-of-Sale Conversion– We offer free data services and conversion specialists to get your POS loaded with our catalog and item matches. Our I.T. department assists your POS company at no charge to you. We coordinate the data conversion and work closely with you and your POS vendor to assure that your data is handled appropriately during the process.

Tagging your store – Our experienced crew tags your merchandise so you can avoid business interruptions by ordering from House-Hasson quickly.

Interior and Exterior Signs –  If you need a signage change or a new look we have interior and exterior customizable choices for your store

Re-Grand Opening Event – We help you plan an event to get the word out about your new look. We provide a one page circular, door prizes and food for the event so that your community takes notice!

After the conversion is complete, please take a look at other programs we offer, such as e-commerce websites, twitter and Facebook programs, Flash Friday Sale and Dealer Markets, to mention just a few.

Again, Welcome to House Hasson Hardware.

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