etool-200x45 is House Hasson’s online ordering tool that makes placing orders simple and easy.

  • Browse every item in House-Hasson’s warehousetoolbox1-300x209
  • New items updated daily
  • Check real time stock levels
  • View your purchase history
  • Print out orders, bin tags, & price stickers
  • Customize your retail
  • Handheld ordering integration
  • Customizable options (cost, retail, pictures, etc)
  • Use the Toolbox for back office ordering or on the sales floor as a selling tool
  • Choose from multiple ways of searching for items
  • Get detailed information on the items and your orders
  • Keep your pricing up to date with electronic updates
  • Reports to help you manage your ordering and retails
  • Manage returns and credits
  • Take a store inventory
  • receive and reconcile store deliveries
  • Integrates with our smart phone ordering app “T-Box”