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Retail Point-Of-Sale
And Inventory Management systems

Information is crucial to running a profitable retail hardware business. Point-of-sale systems gather, store, and distribute information about your company’s sales, products, and customers. This includes everything from simple sales journals and profitability reports to automated ordering and space analysis. Properly used, point-of-sale systems take inefficient procedures and operations and make them profitable.


POS Systems:

House-Hasson Hardware systems are integrated with many point-of-sale vendors including:

  • J3 Systems
  • Microsoft RMS (System Solutions)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Paladin Data Corporation
  • ECi (Advantage/ RockSolid)
  • BMS (Business Management Systems)
  • RA (Retail Automation)
  • Counter Point
  • The General Store
  • Quick Books
  • Epicor
  • PacSoft
  • DBMS
  • IBS Software
  • CMI Solutions
  • TransACT

These vendors vary in sophistication, service offerings, and investment. We recommend evaluating each company when considering a system for your store. They will help to analyze your needs and will demonstrate their systems.

Point-of-Sale consultation

House-Hasson has an in-house point-of-sale coordinator to aid in your computer system selection and implementation.  He can identify computer system features that will have the biggest bottom-line impact – and he’ll show you what to avoid.  If you have a computer system you like, House-Hasson’s consultant can help you with best practices to control retail prices, save time, and manage inventory.

Free load files:

To smooth your transition, House-Hasson will provide – free of charge – catalog load files, purchase history load files, UPC files, and customized conversion cross-reference files. These data files enable your point-of-sale vendor to get your computer data set up quickly.

Free communication services:

House-Hasson’s status as the nation’s largest regional retail hardware distributor means we can offer free communication services to keep your point-of-sale system’s information current and transmit regular purchase orders and contract purchase orders.

– Transmit custom prices and download changes in cost and retail

– Download catalog changes.

– Download an electronic invoice.

– Download new items.

– Download product images.

– Download market specials for contract ordering.

Store conversion:

House-Hasson computer conversion services have your needs in mind. We coordinate the entire process to convert to your computer system in conjunction with all store conversion activities: bin tagging; product buy backs, drop shipment, setting up computer-to-computer communications.

Inventory services:

cip-06-24-2015-480x480Many dealers have problems getting their computer's automatic ordering systems working properly. Systems must track everything going in and out of the store and maintain a precise inventory count to give the store an accurate suggested order. House-Hasson has services to help you with:

  • Inventory consultation: Our point-of-sale coordinator can help you create a plan for computer-based inventory control and ordering. This plan includes assessing your current situation and making best practices recommendations. These include setting policies to keep accurate inventory, conducting a physical inventory, and cycle counts. Our point of sale coordinator will get involved with your point-of-sale company as well as you and your staff to answer questions and make recommendations during your inventory should any questions arise.
  • Electronic invoices: Using our electronic invoice you can automatically update your quantity-on-hand based on your orders, giving you a continuously accurate count.
  • House Hasson Cipher Lab scanners: Used to rapidly count your inventory and create a file your point-of-sale company can then upload into your computer.