House-Hasson finishes Long-Lewis acquisition

House-Hasson Hardware’s acquisition of Long-Lewis Hardware of Birmingham, Ala., has resulted in a new regional manager; 10 new sales staff members; and 150, 18-wheeler truckloads of merchandise received, categorized, and placed on House-Hasson’s warehouse Long-Lewis

House-Hasson Buys Long-Lewis Hardware

Long-Lewis will contribute about 500 dealers to House-Hasson’s existing customer base of 2,000 dealers. Regional hardware distributor House-Hasson bought Long-Lewis Hardware Company, finalizing the deal today. House-Hasson, which is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, will gain about $30

House-Hasson History

Wholesale Hardware Distributor

House-Hasson Hardware is in its second century of serving customers. Today House-Hasson is America’s largest regional hardware distributor.


Original House-Hasson Hardware building

House-Hasson Hardware Company was founded in 1906 by Mr. C.S. Hasson and Mr. Sam House. House-Hasson started with 13 salesmen who came from the old C.M. McClung Company of Knoxville, Tennessee. House-Hasson Hardware was known as “Knoxville’s Exclusively Wholesale Hardware House.”

House-Hasson Hardware has grown through sales expansion and acquisition of other companies. In 1988, Paris Dunlap Hardware became our company’s first major acquisition, followed by Sheffield Hardware in 1997, Persinger Supply in 2007, Moore Handley in 2009 and Long Lewis is 2015.

Since 1980 House-Hasson has undergone four major expansions of its Knoxville, Tenn. headquarters warehouse, bringing the facility to 400,000 square feet.

Today House-Hasson serves dealers in Tennessee, 17 states, the Caribbean and beyond. Throughout our service area our 85 sales representatives develop personal relationships with our customers.


House-Hasson Hardware Warehouse

Orders are electronically received from our customers and salesmen using the Electronic Toolbox Catalog, point of sale systems and laptop computers to access the 55,000 SKU’s stocked in our warehouse. Customers also place orders using our website and House-Hasson’s customer service department.

Our customers include Trustworthy Hardware stores, independent hardware stores and lumber yards, Sentry Hardware stores, and Priced Right Everyday stores. House-Hasson is licensed to offer these store programs in its service areas.

House-Hasson has two major distribution centers: Knoxville and Prichard, West Virginia. The 150,000 square-foot West Virginia warehouse was completely modernized in 2008, tripling the number of items in stock and cutting handling times in half. Both Knoxville and Prichard are full-service warehouses.

Don Hasson, House-Hasson president and chief executive officer, is past president of the Southern Wholesale Hardware Association, the International Hardware Distributor Association, the National Hardware Association, and HGA. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Distribution America, the nation’s largest independent hardware buying association.