House-Hasson Advisory Group Recommends Dealer Market Changes

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House-Hasson Advisory Group Recommends Dealer Market Changes

An advisory group made up of some of House-Hasson Hardware’s largest or oldest customers developed four significant changes for future House-Hasson dealer markets at a pre-market meeting in October.

The advisory group meets at least annually to share with House-Hasson leaders what group members would like the company to consider or implement to further benefit House-Hasson’s more than 2,000 dealers.

“We learn from all our dealers, all the time, throughout the year,” says House-Hasson President Don Hasson. “Dealer markets present a special opportunity to meet formally with our advisory group. Our company is focused on dealer profitability, so who better to consult with than dealers with daily insight into how House-Hasson is working with and for them.”

“At our October market, our advisory committee met, and we came away with some positive things we’re implementing at dealer request,” he says.

The four suggested changes are:

  • A user forum through which House-Hasson dealers can communicate with each other, engage online in dealer-to-dealer discussions and share ideas.
  • A request to email dealers the information contained in the House-Hasson blog. This ensures dealers won’t miss information if they don’t see the blog.
  • An updated dealer market report with specials being offered by vendors; access by individual dealers for particular groups of items they’ve purchased in the past; more in-depth feedback on sales; improved catalog descriptions; and other items.
  • Better display of pallet merchandise at markets.

“The advisory group, along with continuous dealer communication through our sales staff and direct contact with dealers, enables us to make decisions based on feedback on what dealers want rather than us just telling them what we’re going to do,” says Pat McCutcheon, House-Hasson vice president of sales. “The advisory group is a great asset that adds to the way we listen all the time.”

The markets are margin-building sales events that are improved by the recommendations from the House-Hasson dealer advisory group and the other dealers with whom the company works, Hasson says.

“We learn more by listening than by talking,” he says. “It’s a main reason we’ve been in business for 110 years.”

The next House-Hasson dealer market is scheduled for Jan. 26-28, 2017, at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. More information is available on House-Hasson’s website.

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