Building a Diversified Business

Atkinson’s Discount in Pageland, S.C., has been around since 1982, and brothers Rick and Randy Atkinson have a pretty good handle on what their local customers want and need. The business started off in

Taking the Plunge Into Retail

You might call Jody Caldwell an accidental retailer. He had been in the auto collision repair business for 30 years. That business was bought out three years ago and he retired. “I’d always been

Ordering Convenience


As America’s largest regional hardware distributor, House-Hasson offers many convenient ways to place orders. Our store services department offers bin tag services through which an entire store can be replenished quickly and accurately.  House-Hasson’s reset team can bin tag an entire store in several days. Afterwards, to order merchandise, simply use our portable ordering devices and scan the bin tags of the items you want. It’s quick, easy, and accurate.

After building your order, upload it on House-Hasson’s etoolbox.net.  Using the website you can review your order, make any adjustments, and set your retails. Press the ‘finalize order’ button and the order will be picked for you House-Hasson.  House-Hasson supports many point of sale computer systems that can replenish your store using min/max, order-point, and replenishment ordering models. To reorder merchandise on your computer, House-Hasson point of sale support services will help you select and implement computer-based ordering.

House Hasson catalog etoolbox.net can be accessed online on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

To save you time, our salesmen provide replenishment services.  Our salesmen have many years of hardware industry experience. They can help you select products to place in your store and keep you stocked with the products you need.

Our customer service department will assist with your order on the phone, online through Email, or via fax.

Exclusive time-saving check-in systems
Efficient merchandise check-in is vital to ensure a healthy bottom line. At House-Hasson, all shipping containers are color-coded and numbered for ease of identification upon delivery. Affixed to merchandise are labels showing the sequence number and other information you can quickly and easily locate at delivery for check-in and price stickers.

Your order will be available for review at etoolbox.net even before the House-Hasson truck arrives.  If you have a point of sale computer you can download your electronic invoice into your computer to update cost, retail and quantities, thus speeding up check-in and accuracy.


Barcode bin labels
To ease merchandise reordering, House-Hasson can supply bar-coded bin labels or standard bin labels with each order. Bin labels can be configured with a variety of options to meet your needs.