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Building a Diversified Business

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Retail Pricing Programs

Retail Pricing

Retail Program Flexibility

Every consumer market is different, which is why House-Hasson offers many standard retail programs and various means to customize items by vendor, retail sensitivity, regional demand or other distinct factors to achieve a program that fits your market.

We have standard pricing systems based on the sensitivity codes above that produce certain profit margins. Using that as a benchmark use our tools and options to make the retail program your own.

We have two main programs that rely on basing our sensitivity codes of items. Benchmark and Benchmark Plus.

Benchmark retails are setup to position your store as a direct competitor to “Big Box” retailers.

Benchmark Plus retails are positioned to be within 5-plus percent of “Big Box” retailers giving you an extra cushion of profit if your store is within, say a 20 or 30 minute drive of this type competitor.

By tapping into our experience of over 11o years as a Hardware Wholesaler, House-Hasson is constantly reviewing and refining retail sensitivity codes for the items in these retail programs. Seasonality of an item as well as customer familiarity and immediate need of an item to finish a project or repair is considered when assigning a retail sensitivity code.

Dollar range markup is another popular program that can be customized based on the cost of an item rather than retail price sensitivity. It is another choice for a retailer who would rather not use a fixed margin across the board on all items in their store.

Another feature we have is retail rounding. Currently we offer 6 retail rounding options to choose from.

With all the choices we have for our retailers, there are nearly endless ways to choose a retail program that fits your market.

House-Hasson main objective is to keep you priced right everyday, competitive, and make as much profit as possible so your store is around for years to come.