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House-Hasson announces warehouse expansion

House-Hasson Hardware is launching a major expansion of one of its two product warehouses. Construction is taking place on a 50,000 square-foot addition to House-Hasson’s Prichard, W.Va., warehouse, which will take it to 300,000

Don Hasson’s eyes are on the numbers

One of the ways Don Hasson measures success at House-Hasson Hardware, described as America’s largest regional hardware distributor, is by the silence of his telephone. "Out of hundred dollars ordered, our goal is to ship

Retail Services


Meet OSHA regulations
The Haz-Fax program gives you a toll-free number for 24-hour access to Material Safety Data Sheets.


Credit card services & gift cards
Make shopping at your store even more convenient with House-Hasson’s national credit card program. It’s a low-cost and risk-free way to accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and casualty insurance protects against property losses to your business and against legal liability that may result from injury or damage to the property of others. It also protects against loss by a person or business with an interest in the insured property.


Calendar program
We offer a full line of calendars to fit most needs. Imprinted with your store name and information.


Career apparel
Your staff can dress for success with House-Hasson’s optional shirts, smocks and other clothing. We make a professional appearance affordable for everyone.

floor mat

Floor Mats and Logo rugs

Keep your store clean by placing logo floor mats at all entrances.

shoping cart

Shopping carts

Studies show consumers buy more in stores that have shopping carts.  We have small carry baskets to large wheeled carts.

repeat rewards

Pro Phase repeat rewards
Identify customers and track their shopping habits. Communicate with customers on a personal level. Create and encourage repeat shopping.

office depot

Office, store supplies and business products
Shop a full line of office and store supplies. Special items can also be personalized with your store information.


Rental Program

Have available the right tool for big projects by having a rental department.  MTA will equip you with the tools you need to grow and be successful.


Inventory services
Customers can also use House Hasson’s and a Cipher Lab handheld scanner to do inventory.


POS systems
Complete POS solutions from small stores to multi location. Fully integrated communications with our systems.

store fixtures

Store fixtures and supplies
House-Hasson sources different types of new and used fixtures for setting up new hardware stores, home centers, and lumber yards.    House-Hasson also stocks many fixtures and consumable supplies needed daily, such as peg hooks, bin tag supplies, and more.


Interior and exterior signage
Complement your store brand and colors. We carry a complete lines of store signage to mark your store, your products and your promotions.


Demographic information
Complete customer demographics and buying trends for you trade area.


Finding, training and keeping good employees is a top challenge for small business owners. The NRHA offers a new-employee basic training course in hardware retailing and basic training in building materials.

For more information on retail services, contact David Helfenberger at 800-333-0520 ext. 203, or