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Benefits of partnering with House-Hasson Hardware

stable hardware wholesaler

1. Stable.

House-Hasson Hardware is America’s largest regional hardware distributor. Our company is more than 110 years old, solid, stable, debt-free and, and adapts to dealers’ needs and desires to improve dealer profitability.

2. Managed.

Don Hasson is a hands-on president whose philosophy of focusing on dealer profitability and customer service is shared by his management team and guides House-Hasson Hardware’s staff.

Salesmen Service3. Flexible.

House-Hasson Hardware’s position as the nation’s leading regional hardware distributor gives us the size and flexibility to adjust programs and policies for individual customers. You receive personal, attentive service from every member of House-Hasson’s team.

3. Experienced Sales Rep.

Your sales service comes from the industry’s most experienced salesmen, who you can use as your profitability advisors and counselors, enabling you to compete and excel.

wholesale hardware truck5. On-time delivery.

House-Hasson Hardware operates two distribution centers – one in Knoxville, TN and one in Prichard, WV – to serve our customers.

6. Competitive.

Our competitive buying programs will meet your needs and have year-end cash rebates based on dollar volume.

scanning7. Efficient.

House-Hasson Hardware’s advanced technology – etoolbox.net website, POS communication, and technical support – are the industry’s best.

8. Buy right.

Looking for buying opportunities? We feature three regional buying markets a year and monthly promotions to help customers maintain  gross margins.

9. You’re covered

We warehouse over 55,000 name-brand items and our private label Hardware House line with a 96% service level.

price right10. We make you look incredible!

We offer a complete advertising program with three national store programs to choose from: Priced Right Everyday; Trustworthy; and Sentry.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how you’ll benefit from House-Hasson Hardware’s status as the nation’s largest regional hardware distributor.


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